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  • PWA for Beginners

    Welcome to PWA for Beginners! Join Beth Pan and her team in this spunky 4-chapter, 17-video tutorial that walks you through building your own Progressive Web Apps that can run cross platforms and combine the best of web and native features!

  • The DevOps Lab

    The DevOps Lab has been reimagined for FY22! April Edwards will continue to bring you the latest and greatest in DevOps and engage the viewers and the community in the show. April always welcomes your input! We'll go beyond the buzzword and show you how to not only solve your DevOps problems using a wide range of tools and techniques but how these tools and techniques are put to use in the real world! Beginning, August 31, 2021, tune in every Tuesday at 7:00 AM pacific for a new episode!

  • Exam Readiness Zone

    Join our experts as they provide tips, tricks, and strategies for preparing for a Microsoft Certification exam. Our exam prep videos will help you identify the key knowledge and skills measured on the exam and how to allocate your study time. Each video segment corresponds to a major topic area on the exam. Our trainer will point out objectives that many test takers find difficult.

  • Learn Live

    It's right there in the name - We present Microsoft Learn content Live. Every episode we'll choose a Learn module and work through it. We'll pull in guests to give you extra commentary from experts and sometimes even the engineers who built it. Join us and ask questions, live!

  • Ask the Expert

    These thirty-minute live broadcasts are where you can connect with experts to get your questions answered.

  • Developer stories

    See how app developers around the world trust Azure to help them solve important challenges.

Beginner's series

  • Bash for Beginners

    Bash is considered a universal language when it comes to cloud computing and programming. Many languages support Bash commands to pass data and information and when it comes to the Cloud, all platforms support using it to interact with your environment. Even though we won't cover everything there is to know about this language in the course, we want to make sure we give you the foundation on scripting in Bash. At the end of the course, you'll be able to create your own scripts and automate tasks with the help of Bash.

  • Special Edition: Performance Troubleshooting | Azure SQL for Beginners

    Join us for a special edition of Azure SQL for beginners focused on performance troubleshooting. In this series, you will learn a proven methodology based on customer experiences to troubleshoot performance problems for Azure SQL Database. We will show you the tools and techniques to narrow down a variety of problems in a scenario-based approach.

  • Enterprise App Patterns: Reliable Web App Pattern - .NET

    Enterprise App patterns, built on the Azure Well-Architected Framework, consist of architecture guidance and reference implementations that enable enterprise developers and solution architects to modernize their largest, mission-critical workloads on Azure in a reliable, secure, secure, high-performance, cost-efficient manner with modern design, dev, and operational practices. The Reliable Web App Pattern for .NET (Public Preview) represents the first of 3 phases of modern and scalable web apps on Azure.

  • Programming Databases with T-SQL for Beginners

    In this video series, you’ll learn the basics of Transact-SQL. You’ll see how to add, edit, delete, and query data in a relational database. You’ll follow along with Marisa Mathews and Buck Woody as they create a database together for a real-world application from start to finish using SQL Server. After completing the video series and the accompanying Microsoft Learn modules, you will have the foundational knowledge to work with Transact-SQL in your own applications.

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